No Needles, No Drugs, No Pain.
No Needles, No Drugs, No Pain.

Laser Therapy Offers New Treatment Options for Pain Patients


       Multi-wave Locked System (MLS) LASER Therapy is a patented, FDA cleared technology designed to produce an efficient and simultaneous effect on pain, contracture, inflammation and edema within a short period of time. MLS technology delivers therapeutic wavelengths – 808 nm (anti-edema and anti-inflammatory) and 905 nm (analgesic), allowing a tissue penetration depth of 3-4 cm. The control system that generates the MLS pulse synchronizes the emissions to achieve optimum results. Due to this unique synchronization, the various therapeutic effects not only take place at the same time, but reciprocally reinforce each other, without the risk of thermal damage.


        Varying conditions are easily treatable with MLS Therapy and include: arthritis, neuropathy, back and neck pain, disc herniation, sciatica and restless leg syndrome. Other treatable conditions are carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, TMJ dysfunction and even non-healing ulcers.


        Patients experience numerous benefits with LASER therapy. It can result in improved vascular activity and increased metabolic activity, while stimulating muscle and acupuncture trigger points. This innovative technology is capable of reducing fibrous tissue formation and improving nerve function. Laser therapy also promotes faster wound healing and immune regulation.


        The effects of MLS Laser Therapy are cumulative and patients can expect to see improvement as they proceed through their treatment plan. Healing occurs as photons of laser energy penetrate deeply into tissue and accelerate cellular reproduction and growth. As a result of exposure to the MLS Laser, the cells of tendons, ligaments and muscles repair themselves faster. As inflammation is reduced, pain subsides very quickly.


        MLS Laser Therapy is painless. Most patients report no sensation at all while receiving laser therapy. Treatments average 10 minutes and are fast-acting, as many patients experience relief after the first treatment. Acute Injuries such as tennis elbow or ankle sprain can be treated in as few as six sessions, while more chronic conditions may require 10 to 15 sessions to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Results have proven to be long-term, if not permanent, for the majority of conditions treated.


        To date, over a million patient treatments have been performed with no reported side effects. MLS Laser Therapy has shown to work equally well for acute and chronic conditions. Laser therapy can be found in every medical discipline and is frequently used to treat professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLB.


         Laser therapy is available locally to patients at Laser Pain Solutions, 78 Messimer Drive, Newark, adjacent to the Hospital.


         For more information, please call (740) 328-5326.

78 Messimer Dr.
Newark, OH 43055 

Phone: (740) 328-5326

Monday through Friday: 8 am to 5 pm

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